Dr. Auger provides the following workshops via an invitation:

The History of Colonization and the impact it has on traditional parenting methodologies and philosophies (ways of doing and believing).

Traditional Parenting Philosophies and Methodologies – teachings on the swing, moss bag, bellybutton and more.

The Healing Swing – The swing as a Therapy – how and why it works! The uptake of the Swing as  a therapy for children in the school system and other institutions.

Wiwip’son (Swing) Therapy – Darlene provides swing therapy as a private practice in her home but also travels to communities to share this wonderful healing modality.

The set up of the Kit and Readings – Darlene has developed a kit for children’s play and has written 4 little books on teachings of the tip, the swing, the moss-bag and the belly-button that she enjoys reading to children or adults and families.  The little tipi can be set up with the swing and baby in moss bag inside.

Singing Lullabies – Darlene has developed a CD of Cree Lullabies. The first 500 copies sold within a few months. Another 500 are now available. Darlene has singing workshops with children, teachers, musicians, parents, foster parents, grandparents, Cree language students  and whom ever is interested in learning Cree lullabies. This workshop comes with a CD for every participant (to be included in fee).

Workshop fees vary depending on time, energy, travel and type of work. Please email Dr. Auger at to inquire directly. Thank you!

PS: Darlene also offers workshops in Drama; Self-Esteem and Resiliency; Healing Circles and other tailored sessions.