Children’s Educational Indigenous Cultural Kit – The Little Women’s Lodge.

The children’s cultural resource kit – Little Women’s Lodge includes a 5 foot Tipi, a toy swing with a baby doll in a moss bag; a CD of Cree lullabies; and 4 story books on the teachings of the Tipi, the baby swing, the moss bag and the bellybutton.  This package is developed for use in daycares, aboriginal head start programs, early childhood or elementary classrooms, hospitals, homes, land based schools and anywhere you find children playing.  Dramatic play is important for children to learn to role play grown up activities that are part of their cultural paradigm.

Through dramatic play, building and living in the Tipi, wrapping the baby doll in a moss-bag, building the swing and swinging the baby doll, reading the story of the swing, and listening to the CD of Cree lullabies and learning to sing to the baby, the child learns about ancient indigenous parenting practices, including the Nehiyaw (Cree) language and songs, all while having fun!

See the Video under resources, drop tab: “Little Tipi Assembly” to see the entire kit.