The Swing

Wîwîp’son or Iwip’son – Swing

Baby in swing 2Baby in swing 1(Indigenous Nurturing Therapy)

It is an ancient Aboriginal parenting practice to “swing” our babies; to lull them to sleep; to care for and nurture them in a loving, gentle and sacred way.

In 2001, during ceremony, Darlene was given the insight to provide this type of care and nurturing to ‘adults’ to help them reconnect with their roots, their spirits and to harmonize their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms – especially to those who may have not had the benefit of growing up in a traditional parenting setting, due to institutionalization, (i.e., residential school; 60’s scoop; etc.).

In mainstream society, there are other such ‘motion therapies’ that resemble this practice, that are utilized for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Extensive research has been done in this area and the health benefits are numerous.

The Indigenous Swing Therapy is a new method of healing that is based on ancient teachings and practices that provides the love and nurturing that is so widely missing in our society today.

Darlene can provide the following:

  1. Private consultations – one-on-one, approximately 40- to 90-minute private healing sessions
  2. Day contracts with organizations can expect 4–7 sessions in one day
  3. Group healing sessions – takes about 2 hours (swing, prayer, song, meditation, hands-on healing)
  4. Half- or full-day teachings workshop

What is required:

  1. Open floor space for the set up of the swing frame (approx. 10 by 20 feet)
  2. Space either has no windows or windows can be covered or lights can be dimmed
  3. Space can allow smudging (sage or sweetgrass) if participants want this

Please call 780-473-1865 or 780-915-2395 to book a date.

Fees for workshops and other sessions are negotiable.

“We have always had our own healing and nurturing practices, we just need to be reminded of them, we need to awaken to our ancestral ways of being in the world.” –Darlene Auger, 2002

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