Therapeutic Swing Kit

The Therapeutic Swing Kit is made with love by several local women. It includes a large frame, a large cradle blanket (custom sewn), with a matching tie; 1 body pillow, 1 firm pillow and 1 soft pillow; 2 king size sheets; a cover blanket; a stick for the head of the swing; a rope; 2 s hooks and 4×4 squares of cloth.

This kit is available for purchase; 50% down payment required upon order and 1 month for processing.

When you purchase a Therapeutic Swing Kit, you are also contributing to the economic welfare of women who may not have a job; sewing these kits gives these women great satisfaction in knowing they are contributing the health and well-being of others. A true win-win!

The Therapeutic Swing Kit is only sold as part of the Training that Dr. Auger offers to schools and health or wellness organizations.